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Teddi has lived in Southern Indiana all her life, except for four months when her father moved them to Louisville, Kentucky to keep his job. Her dad always said, "The '37 flood washed us back to Indiana."

One of her first memories is sitting on her dad's lap while he read to her. He encouraged a young Teddi to make up stories. She knew she could write at about the age of ten or eleven. Her mother liked romance magazines but Teddi thought they were silly. She saw a contest with a $1,000.00 prize and knew she could write a better story. Her story started as a letter to a man regarding reasons she could no longer see him. She used her father's name and the letter disappeared. Until one day she came into the house to find her father and mother in an augment. Her mom was standing in front her dad waving the letter under his nose and yelling, "Who is this woman!" They wouldn't believe she had written it.

Teddi has taken several Creative Writing courses and attended writing seminars to improve her craft. She has written newsletters for various clubs and her real estate firm, advertisements, and press releases. She never had the nerve to publish anything else. Then, her husband passed away in 2005, and Indiana University Southeast offered a Creative Writing course for non-credit. In that class her first book 'The Meddlers' was born. Shortly after the class, she attended a writing seminar at Pine Mountain State Park in Kentucky, and the encouragement she received helped her decide to publish that book.

Her cousin suggested a publisher she knew and Teddi went to see him where she self-published both 'The Meddlers' and 'The Challenges'. While promoting her books, she attended several book fairs and met Dave Mattingly of BlackWyrm Publishing. She liked the way he treated his authors and the way his books looked. Mattingly reprinted the first two books, printed the third book, now the fourth book is currently in his hands.

She knows her books are inspired by God because she argued with Him about writing 'The Meddlers'. After a week of not sleeping, Teddi threw up her hands and said, "Okay God, you win but you have to write it." She has no trouble writing her books since they are inspired and feels that God knows who will benefit from reading them. She makes the books accessible to all audiences by omitting bedroom scenes and cuss words.


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