Teddi Robinson, Author


cover of Do-Sa-Do

(April 5, 2014)

Looking for adventure, new friends, and exercise at the same time? Well here it is. Just kick off your shoes, set in your favorite chair and take a reading adventure into the land of Square Dancing. All experiences are true and are the adventures of the author, her husband, and her friends. So if you dance, look for me across the square. If you don't, then how about learning so we can become friends. Jim Tomes says, "This is a good remembrance and fun to read. It would be enjoyed by anyone with even a minor knowledge of dancing. Good Job."

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cover of Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories
(March 1, 2014)

Are these ghost stories real or imagined? You be the judge. Have you ever wondered whether witches were real or not? Can our loved ones reach out from beyond the grave? Can enemies do the same? These paranormal experiences were lived firsthand by the author and her family.

cover of Peacetime

The Peacetime
(August 1, 2013)

How would you feel if your husband told you he had an affair with his nurse? Would you scream, kill him or divorce him? This is exactly what happens to Mary. Rowdy was wounded in WWII. He came home and was very moody. None of their friends could understand the change in him. Poor Mary is devastated but she has the support of her family and they help her find a solution. Mary is able to forgive Rowdy and Gloria, the nurse. There are some unsuspected events and a great ending.

book cover Deadly Pose

Deadly Pose
(October 6, 2012)

Two girls and a boy vow to become millionaires by hook or by crook. Whoever reached the goal first would share with the other two.

Ten years later the boy is a successful photographer, one of the girls is a top model and the other girl works for the president of a bank. The model begins to date the other girl's boss. The three agree that the model should marry the banker, take out a two million dollar insurance life policy, kill the banker and split the money. Things go wrong, and lead to many twists and turns making this a very exciting novel.

This latest novel was written on a dare. The author wasn't sure she could write a mystery, but a friend dared her to try. Teddi isn't one to ignore a dare, so she took the plunge and wrote Deadly Pose.

book cover Misadventures of a Country Girl

The Misadventures of a Country Girl
(July 23, 2011)

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The true story of the author's childhood. She isn't a typical girl, and she didn't learn to cook or sew. She was told by her father to explore the world around her, and examine everything. Teddi took her father's advice literally, and walked unsuspecting into a snake den.

He told her it was unsafe to go into an abandoned rock quarry, but she went any way. While Teddi admired the tall rock sides, her friend called to her from the opening and told her to watch where she stepped. Teddi looked down to see snakes everywhere.

One day her cousins were visiting, and they were taking turns riding her blind horse until he played dead. Finally, Teddi decided to call the vet, but before she could make the call her dad came home. He told them the horse was tired, and they couldn't ride him for the rest of the day. Her dad got the horse up and put him in the barn. There are many more adventures but Teddi survived them and these were the best times of her life.

book cover The Challenges

The Meddlers
(May 4, 2011)

A historical romance set before World War II with lots of surprises and twists to an old love story. A young couple wants to marry, but the girl next door and the boy's father have other ideas. Determined to win his affections, she takes a room at the YWCA, enrolls in business school, and finally volunteers for the USO so that she can be near him when he is stationed at Fort Knox after joining the army.

book cover The Challenges

The Challenges
(April 15, 2011)

A historical romance set in and around Louisville, Kentucky during World War II about the temptations, disappointments, and frustrations of the people at home.

A young mother is working at the University of Kentucky while her husband is oversees. A fellow professor keeps asking her to go for coffee, but she refuses even though it is very tempting. Unfortunately, mothers and grandmothers do not share their feelings of temptation with their daughters and granddaughters so that they can appear faultless, and above board, to inspire a drive to be faultless.

The author wishes to inspire the young and old generations to talk more freely with each other.


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